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A superb condition Royal Flying Corps maternity pattern pilots tunic. The nap to the cloth is thin overall, the material is of a slight lighter weight than the often encountered heavy Gabardine material examples. Standard configuration of maternity style front, pointed false cuffs, two lower pockets with straight flaps, side button closure with male/female closure studs at the top to secure the top part of the closing flap of the tunic. The tunic is fitted with a very nice pair of Royal Flying Corps bronze officers collar badges and bronze matching rank stars to the rank of Lieutenant. On lifting the rank pips the nap of the cloth underneath the rank bars and beneath the Royal Flying Corps collar badges is in evidence indicating that these collar badges and rank stars have always been on the tunic. The tunic is fitted with a very nice set of padded Royal Flying Corps pilots wings, which have suffered from the ravages of time with some degrading to the weave, mainly around the tips of each end of the wings and some slight loss to the RFC scrollwork to the centre. The interior light olive brushed cotton lining with one interior pocket. There is a name label to the interior but any details have completely faded away. A lovely example of a first war Royal Flying Corps aviators tunic. The size is medium.

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The rare cap nicknamed the Gor Blimey cap, we are fortunate that this is the second example we have had within two years. Although a very functional cap it was not popular amongst the troops but can still be seen in thousands of images of WWI and is consequently a very rare piece of headdress. This example has some small nicks to the cloth on the crown and on the side curtains, which may be moth nips or just snags to the material. It has lost the majority of its nap overall, in the area on the crown below where the side curtains fold together over the top, the nap of the cloth is still good as it has been protected for many years in storage. Rusting to the side hooks, standard grey shirting material lining multi stitched. It is easy to differentiate this original item from the good copies there are on the market, there is the outer layer of khaki material, the inner layer of the shirting material with the circular stitching and there is what appears to be a lining material in between but it is in fact the extra thickness of the grey lining material that gives it the feel of an extra lining. Evidence of minor wear use to the forehead and crown area, which is discoloured, its protected areas of the interior lining are still with their original grey. Fitted with the badge of the Royal Berkshire Regiment.

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A good pair of horizon blue puttees, full length.

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A beautifully framed pair of the British War Medal and the Victory Medal of WWI, the silver British War Medal is deep toned, the ribbon has slightly faded, mounted on a brown velvet background, gilt edged in a black hardwood frame with framer’s name and address in West Hartlepool on the reverse side. The medals are named to ‘733766 Gunner J.B.Andrew’. A very nice decorative piece of historical memory of WWI.

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A nice condition early rimless Brodie helmet, non magnetic, with traces of its original light apple green finish remaining with the insignia of the London Regiment to the front, with its original liner and chinstrap. The name of the wearer ‘S.Lee 58.T’ applied to the lower interior rim. It would appear that the owner has fitted a thicker homemade cloth covered dome to the upper inner crown of the helmet.

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A fine pair of the scarce lace up issued artillery and mountain troops riding boots. Stitching loose to the back seam on the right hand boot, both closure leather tabs and buckles present at the top of each boot, some minor distortion to the leather in the foot section, all of the metallic hooks are present with one exception to the left hand boot.

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A single white embroidered on very dark blue albatross for the shoulder of the Woman’s Royal Air Force uniform, formed in 1918, worn along with a shoulder title on each sleeve.

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The very scarce piece of uniform that is the shell carrying harness worn by artillery personnel, worn over the shoulders with front leather strap closure, in heavy duty canvas with twin shell pockets on either side of the front with carrying handles attached to the garment with stencilled to the front ‘CARRIER AMMUNITION 13 AND 18 POUNDER’. Staining overall, one small tear under one section on the reverse side otherwise generally good and strong, all leather strapping and buckles complete.

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A standard Mark 2 British produced Brodie helmet, which was originally issued as a cruise pattern, the chain mail defence has been removed and the helmet has been re-issued to the Canadian 5th Division. The exterior has virtually all of its original paint finish, slight indentation to the crown, painted red over green 5th Division insignia, after carefully inspecting the edge it can clearly be seen where the cruise fittings were originally situated, also the fittings for the chinstrap normally on a Brodie with a split pin have been replaced with a rivet. The helmet is complete with its service worn liner, strap missing.

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An exceptionally rare garment being a transitional tunic of the pattern worn by the Woman’s Auxiliary Army Corps, however slightly modified for wear by a member of the early Woman’s Royal Air Force. The uniform is of fine quality ribbed khaki wool, which is typical of officers tunics, the tunic itself had been commissioned by another rank of the Woman’s Royal Air Force, female other ranks generally did purchase their own uniforms, there is a tailor’s label to the rear of the tunic with the address of ‘Blandford, Dorset’ which has been a long time garrison area and was a posting for T.E.Lawrence when he served in the early Royal Air Force after service in the Middle East. Any Royal Air Force khaki garment is considered scarce especially to find a female item of this type. Some interesting Royal Air Force regulations have been applied. There has never been collar badges fitted to the tunic and the belt is the single pronged version that is regulation only for Royal Air Force garments, generally there would have been button belt with this garment, however the tailoring stipulations would have varied greatly as there were no clear regulations to the exact detail of these uniforms at that early stage. All buttons throughout are the roped edge gilt Royal Air Force type, there are two buttons to each cuff, one of these cuff buttons is unfortunately missing, the rest of the buttons are all intact throughout. The condition is extremely good, to each upper arm are the red flying albatross badges, these are silk embroidered onto a woollen background and the heads face forward. There is much excellent information about Woman’s Royal Air Force uniforms in the book British Air Forces 1914-18 volume 2 by the McCormack Brothers by Osprey Publishing.

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