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Possibly the rarest pattern of sword ever produced by the Wilkinson Sword Company was the totally dedicated hilt and blade on the naval style for the Royal Naval Air Service. The Royal Naval Air Service (RNAS) was the air arm of the Royal Navy under the direction of the Admiralty’s Air Department and existed from the 1st July 1914 to the 1st April 1918 when it was merged with the British Armys Royal Flying Corps to form the Royal Air Force. All of the pilots both from the Royal Flying Corps and the Royal Naval Air Service were placed under the auspices of the Royal Air Force. The Navy’s Fleet Air Arm went on to be independently formed in 1924 it was still an organisational unit under the auspices of the Royal Air Force until the Navy’s Fleet Air Arm came under the control of the Admiralty in mid 1939. This pattern sword only existed for 4 years, it was available with its own independent belt and belt buckle. The pattern of sword first came into use in 1827 and is known officially as the 1827 pattern sword. Lion’s head pommel, fish skin grip, leather scabbard with three gilded mounts, double hanging rings, folding shell guard on the reverse side. The dedicated Royal Naval Air Service sword has the albatross below the King’s Crown with the letters ‘RNAS’ all cast in one-piece to the hilt. The blade of this example is absolutely superb with all its original etched panels on both sides with one side having the identical image as the shell guard of the King’s Crown over an albatross over the letters ‘R.N.A.S’. Retailed by Gillot of No.2 New Burlington Street, London. ‘London Made’ etched on the back strap of the sword. The button that is fitted to the upper scabbard mount to which is secured the folding shell guard when the sword is closed is missing. The leather to the scabbard is excellent with one crease half way down the lower section. The gilt overall is generally good. Fish skin grip undamaged. The sword has the portapee bullion blue and gold strap remaining with the acorn missing. This sword is named to the name panel ‘J.B.White’. James Butler White born Ontario Canada July 1893, died 2nd January 1972, was a WWI Royal Naval Air Service flying ace. He served in No.8 Naval Squadron Royal Naval Air Service, which was renamed No.208 squadron RAF after the Royal Naval Air Service was merged with the Royal Flying Corps in 1918, he achieved 8 victories in total, his first on the 24th January 1918 and his last two on the 3rd October 1918, all of his victories were scored whilst flying a Sopwith Camel. He was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross published London Gazette 3rd December 1918, his citation reads ‘A FINE FIGHTING PILOT WHO WAS ACCOUNTED FOR 8 ENEMY AEROPLANES, HE HAS LED NUMEROUS OFFENSIVE AND LOW BOMBING RAIDS AND BY HIS ABLE AND DARING LEADERSHIP HAS ACHIEVED GREAT SUCCESS WITH A MINIMUM OF CASUALTIES TO HIS PATROL. On April 3rd 1918 White was repatriated to Canada, after returning from overseas he founded his own brokerage firm in Toronto and eventually became President of the Toronto Stock Exchange. Although awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for 8 victories, his history shows he in actual fact destroyed 12 enemy aircraft. An incredibly rare sword and to be named and identified adds much extra interest.

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A pair of American made Bausch & Lowb 6 x 30 binoculars, marked ‘Military Stereo’. Reasonably good optics, lenses need some cleaning, with their neck strap, all fitted into its British made ‘J.Brooks & Company’ marked ‘1916’ dated leather case, some stitching to the edge of the lid rotted otherwise good overall with closing flap. The main body of the binocular are WD marked.

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An extremely rare possibly an enlisted mans cap of the 1st pattern RAF style, more than likely worn by a member of one of the RAF armoured car units in Palestine 1918. Standard khaki crown, no moth damage but the nap is very thin. Black mohair centre band. Typical WWI narrow chinstrap with cloth covered side buttons with its cut out war economy crown over albatross cap badge. To the interior the leather sweatband all complete, interior brushed cotton lining again complete with below the protective centre celluloid lozenge the maker or retailer ‘Antoine Nicodeme Jerusalem/Jaffa’.

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An extremely nice condition all blue full dress hat for a Royal Engineer officer either late WWI or just post war period with its tropical cover. The cover is in excellent condition apart from one 1.5cm round hole to the cover on the left hand overhang. Standard narrow early WWI chinstrap with Royal Engineers side buttons. To the interior the light tan Morocco sweatband all intact with good colour, its very high quality red silk interior lining all complete and not shot with a very nice quality gold blocked upper inner lozenge label, which is slightly adrift from the main crown, which reads ‘SILBERSTON LONDON’ then the retailers name of ‘J.C.McLeod Hatter Union Chambers Building, 48 Union Street, Aberdeen’ with no postcode. We mention the fact of ‘No Postcode’ as postcodes were not introduced into the United Kingdom until 1918.

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A nice condition Wolsley pattern sun helmet with its very thick khaki pagri. Some minor staining on the rear of the pagri and on the rear skirt of the helmet itself, no other damage to the cork body, with its original leather chinstrap. Leather sweatband excellent. Beautifully marked inside ’21 TC’, followed by the soldier’s number ‘7815475’. Rare to obtain any piece of headdress or uniform to be marked to the Tank Corps. Below the markings is the name of the London maker with the date ‘1920’.

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A very good condition medium size Adrian helmet with the crossed cannons and RF flaming grenade badge to the front indicating artillery unit. Brown leather chinstrap all complete with its 7 tongued liner and original drawstring with all aluminium liner spacers, paint finish superb, slight rubbing to the crown area. It would be hard to find a better example.

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A very nice condition horizon blue officer quality kepi with all grey lacework, gilded brocade imitation chinstrap with artillery side buttons. Standard leather peak, black grained leather sweatband all complete and inner blue lining present but slightly shredded. Some light moth to the rear of the kepi otherwise generally good.

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One of the finest examples of English hand embroidery being the cap badge for an officer on the well known airship the R100. Beautifully gold embroidered badge laid onto red velvet within the King’s Crown. Blue and black very fine ribbed material as a base for the lettering ‘Royal Airship Works’. The R100 was one of a pair of airships constructed at the Royal Naval Air Station in Yorkshire, the other airship was the ill-fated R101. The R100 made her maiden flight in December 1929 and was then formally handed over to the Air Ministry and then departed for Canada in July 1930. After the crash in Beauvais France of the R101 in October 1930 the Air Ministry ordered the R100 grounded and all airship production after that was halted. The R100 was sold for scrap in November 1931. An important artefact being an officers cap badge from the graceful era of airship travel.

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A nice clean set of small capacity possibly 6 x 30 binoculars. Good body, optics cloudy but not damaged, complete with fitted neck strap. The owner's initials 'MW' engraved to the front with what appears to be a birth and maybe death date engraved to the front of the frame, initial date being '13.8.89' the second date being '13.8.14'. In its original carrying case, which has a London maker gold embossed to the upper inner lid, good stitching, complete with shoulder strap.

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A very large size, possibly 59 or 60 Italian Adrian helmet from WWI. Not only are these helmets scarce but to find them in this large size is very difficult. Much of its original classic Italian green colour paint remaining, some rust flooding on the left hand side of the skull and minor indentations but complete with its original Italian green chinstrap. The liner is intact with some of the sweatband area being scuffed. Original drawstring and half of the original aluminium spacer band.

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