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A good example of the leather strapped British paratrooper helmet. The exterior shell has a good dark grey green finish, evidence to the finish where a net has been fitted to the helmet, a cross weave can be seen imprinted into the paint over the whole of the upper bowl area where the net would be fitted at its tightest and closest to the shell. To the interior the leather, canvas and Sorbo liner all good, evidence of minor wear use, proudly marked ‘BMB 7 3/8th’ with a clear date ‘1943’. The light Orange Sorbo rubber all intact and only partly solidified. The web cradle intact with the inner crown rubber cushion complete. The straps in excellent condition, slight green verdigris around some of the rivet heads where it reacts to the brass and leather. The British paratrooper helmets of WWII have a distinctive smell, which emanates from the Sorbo rubber, different than any other helmet that we encounter in our business.

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A rare combination of an enlisted ranks all leather pickelhaube with the helmet being regimentally marked and with its matching regimentally marked cover. The helmet shell is generally good, no distortion, some crazing overall to the skull with some slight losses to the Shellac. Both peaks are securely sewn to the helmet. The front brass peak trim unusually only having minor kinks to the inner peak trim. All of the other fittings, which include the back strap, non removable spike, and circular spike base, Baden front Griffin plate, matching brass buckles to the strap all match in colour and condition. The helmet is fitted with its rather aged black, white and red Prussian cockade with a matching condition Baden cockade, which the red circular centre can be seen but the gold edging is very faint. The helmet is complete with its 9 tongued liner, the liner is in excellent condition, leather supple, no dryness, no tips of tongues missing. The helmet is clearly regimentally marked ‘170’ with ‘J.R.’ to the rear peak. The helmet is with its correct enlisted mans cloth cover with all hooks present with the green numerals faintly applied ‘170’ to the front. Both to the front and back of the cover some of the Shellac from the helmet in heat has flooded onto the cover itself. A small pinhole, which maybe very slight shrapnel damage is to the right hand side of the rear peak with the hole matching on its cover. A shard of metal has pierced the cover then pierced the back peak. A very desirable trench worn piece.

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A very nice example of a well service used enlisted mans quality cloth constructed Model 10/15 tunic. The 10/15 was an interim model between the Model 08/10 and the M.15 bluse. In many cases such as another example we have on this website, the tunics were constructed in officers quality cloth, this tunic is constructed in the enlisted mans quality material and is in the following configuration. Red piped collar, front full flap of tunic with the opposite side being half piped, deep turned back barrel cuffs, M.15 style rear skirt, two lower pockets as per the M.15 style angled pockets with flaps buttoned. Minor depot sewn repairs to some parts of the tunic, two moth holes to the lower front left breast, nap thin in places overall but good underneath the armpits and underneath the pocket flaps. All matching Prussian buttons. Standard field grey cotton twill lining with the two lower hidden pockets close to the rear skirt, standard pocket arrangement to the upper left breast and a small button pocket to the opposite breast. Various unidentified stains throughout the lining area. The tunic is sewn fitted with a set of the white piped M.15 field grey shoulder boards with chain stitched Prussian Regiment No. 46. The right hand shoulder board having a moth nip to one area of the white piping.

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A good 2nd pattern Brodie helmet, missing its chinstrap but complete with all of its liner. Unusually fitted with the issued tropical helmet cover with air vents but without its neck flap. Some rust flooding stains through the material from the steel skull below with the black lozenge shape patch that has some light moth damage. Some rust flooding also along the edges, which has pierced the tropical cover in some places and discoloured in others. The 2nd Battalion, which has the triangular black patch landed at Marseilles in September 1914, also for service on the Western Front. The Battalion saw action at the Battle of Neuve Chapelle in March 1915, it then moved to Basra in Mesopotania in December 1915 and took part in the action at Shaikh Saad in January 1916, the siege of Kut in spring 1916 and the fall of Baghdad in March 1917. The Battalion moved onto Suez in Palestine in January 1918 for further service.

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Probably the rarest variation of colour and material we have ever seen a 1940 jump smock constructed in. Recently obtained from a fabulous old collection in Germany where items mainly acquired from advertising in local newspapers, this 1940 pattern smock constructed entirely in the identical material used for the construction of the Luftwaffe one-piece flying suit and on occasions the flying suit was produced in a two-piece suit. The condition is excellent overall, it does have indication of some service wear. All the original zips and zips pullers are intact, both of the upper pocket zips are marked ‘Rapid’ with their dark blue grey zip pullers, both of the lower pocket zips identical in manufacturer form with their pullers, the front main closure zip fully functional and complete marked ‘Elite’ with the small opening zip at the lower end of the crotch area, as the pocket zips, marked ‘Rapid’ with its original puller. All of the windproof cuffs are intact with the male/female closure buttons in place, fully functional, without rust on both sleeves. There is one tear to the edge of the lower front left hand pocket as the garment is viewed. It is fitted with its correct grey on green breast eagle. Deeply ink stamped ‘Schultz Berlin’ with size ‘IIB’ in Roman numerals, with the date ‘9/40’. The side opening thigh zip is intact and fully functional, marked ‘Rapid’ with its leather puller. All of the male/female closure studs to the leg section complete, fully operational, without rust, one minor nick to the material underneath an armpit and one small nick on a back panel, another small repaired nick to the front right hand lower sleeve as the garment is viewed. Some minor staining around the lower right hand cuff and the only damage being the tear previously mentioned on the lower front pocket. A fantastically rare paratrooper item of clothing.

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A fabulously rare large size assault gunners field grey wrap over tunic to a member of Division Grossdeutschland. This tunic coming from the same collection that we have found had so many rare items in the last 6 months, an old collection put together in Germany mainly acquired through local families from advertising in newspapers. The tunic is without any moth, the nap overall excellent, fitted with a set of slip on silk red piped Grossdeutschland shoulder boards with the ‘GD’ intertwined in red. Matching collar patches, again red silk piped, matching aluminium skulls. Breast eagle standard grey on green Bevo woven eagle with the cross hatched style to the breast. To the lower left hand sleeve as the tunic is worn the Grossdeutschland enlisted ranks Sutterlin script cuff title, to the rear of the cuff title a run of approximately 2cm of stitching has been opened to reveal a complete different shade and texture of material behind the cuff title indicating that this has always been on the tunic. All of the buttons to the tunic are of the late war larger zeltbahn type, each one measuring 22mm. To the upper right breast loops for two awards. To the interior late war rayon lining in excellent condition. At first glance it would appear that there are no issue stampings to the tunic at all, but holding the tunic up in the correct light reveals the complete set of sizing stamps with the coding ‘F.44’, this is situated just above the opening for the inner pocket that runs vertical on the right hand side of the tunic as the tunic is viewed, this may be difficult for us to pick up on our web images.

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A rare tunic of the Third Reich being a very dark navy blue bordering on black four pocket open collar style four button closure tunic of the Water Protection Police. The tunic is fitted with slip-on shoulder boards for an Oberwachtmeister, yellow centre with yellow fleck within the silver borders of the shoulder board, the shoulder board buttons are of the naval type. Bevo woven gold on very dark navy blue arm eagle. One lower closure button to the tunic missing. The tunic is a completely unlined tunic, marked to the interior ‘PO 1941’.

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The rare Iron Cross 2nd class issued in the war of 1870. Excellent condition overall with its black and white non-combatants ribbon.

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In late 2019 or early 2020 we purchased in the United States this fantastic cased post home M.17 helmet, it was placed on our website, sold but before going on the website was photographed for the new work authored by Mr. Oliver Lock Stahlschutzhelme and is focused on pages 204, 205, 206, 207. As a prime example of how mainly the U.S. soldiers of WWI posted home souvenirs and especially helmets, many just had stamps and an addressed strip attached to the helmet itself and were posted as is, this example was placed in its own purpose made box, the exterior measurements of the box are 33 x 28 x 20.5cm. The interior of the box is fully lined with 1918 dated Stars and Stripes newspaper, addressed to a Mrs. Jane W. Vyse in Detroit Michigan, sent with her son or husband’s name and address from an ordnance repair shop company American Expeditionary Forces to the face side of the box remains the complete sender and receivers label with remains of the Army Issued Authorities Certificate allowing a war souvenir to be sent home, this beautiful M.17 helmet was placed in the box and sealed. The helmet itself has seen some light service wear with virtually all of its original finish remaining to the skull with some slight rust bleed to be paint, with its original chinstrap, all of its three pad light white/cream liner with all the interior horsehair pads and its original drawstring, shell size ET64. In the inner skirt of the helmet there is a three line inscription, possibly with the name of the German owner. Accompanying the cased helmet is the original uniform of the sender Private Farrand W.Vyse, which comprises his standard American forces WWI olive drab tunic, medal ribbons to the upper left hand breast, his unit insignia patch with stripe below, all American buttons. One moth nip close to the upper right hand sleeve patch, otherwise free of moth. The tunic has its original ‘Kahn Dreyfus & Company, New York’ manufacturer’s label dated ‘October 27 1917’ with accompanying U.S. breeches also with their original manufacturer’s label of ‘W & T Allen & Company’ without a date, marked to the Philadelphia depot, with a pair of puttees and one utility strap. A fantastic
time warp helmet.

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Nice condition buckle retaining virtually all of its original gilt, some light rubbing to the high spots of the outstretched winged eagle. Marked on the reverse side ‘M4/22’.

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