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A fascinating and highly interesting item being a ‘1914’ dated German shell case in brass measuring 8cm at the base of the shell, 22cm in height, which has been beautifully hand worked to a narrowed top where the body has also been worked to the outline of the Bavarian pilot’s badge on the face side. To the reverse side an oval of laurel leaves with central plaque reading ‘UZFW.(unteroffizier) BABERMAN FLUGZEUGFUHRER BAY.ART.FL.ABT.102’ (Bavarian Artillery Flieger Unit 102). Also accompanying the worked vase is the original silver Bavarian Pilot’s badge, which has had its pin, hook and hinge removed, bent into a concave shape to fit precisely over the working of the Bavarian badge on the shell case, which has had two holes drilled either side of the aeroplane and is then screw fitted to the vase, complete with its original screws. The badge is ‘800’ marked and is also maker marked ‘Karl Pollath’. This is from the Michael Baldwin collection, one can only imagine the hours taken to perfect this beautiful piece of aviation artwork.

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