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An ultra rare set of documents comprising of 25 Argentinean Government identification sheets for members of the crew of the Graf Spee, each sheet measuring 32 x 22cm with the heading of the Republic of Argentina, Minister of the Interior, Police of the Capital and each sheet having an identification photograph of an officer from the Graf Spee. Each sheet contains full details of the internee, except strangely it omits their age. All of the internee numbers range from 41 up to 80 and describes in Spanish that the internees were all members of the Graf Spee after it sinking in December 1939. Accompanying the sheets are one of the extremely rare hard card one page fold out identity card issued by the Republic of Argentina to each individual internee, which contains a photograph of this recipient who is Erich Liebling with full photograph and fingerprints. The history of the tracking and sinking of the Graf Spee is well documented in both paper form and on film and items from the Graf Spee are very rare and highly collectible.

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