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A most beautifully embroidered version of the last pattern command flag for the Chief of the SA Viktor Lutze. It should be added that after Lutze’s death in 1943 Wilhelm Schepmann was made Chief of the SA. This fabulously rare example measuring 27 x 26cm, with the double sided central insignia of an SA Commander. The gold central SA insignia is of the most highest quality of Third Reich period embroidery. Laid onto a white fluffy backing material with four standing swastikas around the edge with gold trim. Some light moth damage to both sides on the red field only with some light moth tracking to the nap on the white border. On one side hand applied in indelible pencil by the GI who captured this ‘MARCH 10.1945 SAARBURG, GERMANY.’ Beautifully double sided framed with the name ‘Viktor Lutze’ on a gold plate at the base, this can be removed from the frame if so desired.

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