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In June 1943 Grand Admiral Erich Raeder was discharged as C I C of the navy and appointed to a newly established honorary post of Admiral Inspector of the Greater Germany. The Admiral Inspectorís flag only flown by Erich Raeder, is a standard Grand Admiralís flag but bordered in blue. This car flag measuring in total 33cm x 30cm appears to have been originally constructed as a standard Grand Admirals flag and has had a new blue border added when the rank of Admiral Inspector was created. Beautiful ribbed white base cloth with the most finest hand embroidery chain stitching imaginable during the Third Reich period. Double sided and complete with its white canvas selvage edge, all fitted into a custom built frame, the frame can be unscrewed and the flag removed if so desired. A photograph and drawing of the same flag can be seen on page 344 of Uniforms and Traditions of the Kriegsmarine by John R.Angolia and Adolf Schlict Volume 3.

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