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A very good condition M.36 NCOs tunic. Standard configuration, five button front, dark green collar, four pockets each with pleats, adjustable cuffs, small vent to the rear. The tunic was probably a best tunic for the NCO, he has had the extra material taken out of the two lower pockets, converting them from a bellows pocket to a pocket sitting flat against the tunic, this was quite a common occurrence for a Sunday Best tunic. To each shoulder board is fitted a set of white infantry piped shoulder boards with dark green centre, to the collar matching NCOs litzen having the same aging as the litzen on the shoulder board indicating that the shoulder boards have always been present to this tunic. Universal green on grey Bevo woven collar patches laid onto the section of green uniform cloth then attached to the collar. To the upper left breast as the tunic is worn the NCOs quality Bevo woven breast eagle, which was factory produced on dark green uniform cloth then hand sewn to the tunic. To the left hand shoulder is the marksmanship lanyard, groups 1 to 4 with its central eagle and swastika armed forces down swept winged eagle. An NCOs Bakelite whistle is fitted to the inside button of the tunic and then fitted into the upper inner right hand pocket. Also affixed to the right hand pocket is the wearers original infantry assault badge, we have not removed this from the tunic, the pin has been bent against the tunic. Two very pin shaped moth holes to the front right hand sleeve, one slightly larger to the reverse of the same sleeve and one to the rear back panel of the tunic. Some slight discoloration in the area where the central belt would be worn. Interesting variation semi skeletal olive heavy duty ribbed lining, profusely stamped inside plus depot issue number of B35 making this a very early tunic, followed by a unit block ink stamping F.KDTR.BRS.II below that the firm marking G.A.L. with a further large G in a square below.

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