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The rare RZM pattern helmet, which has been re-instituted possibly late in WWII for use by a Volksturm unit. Standard M.16 style with the stamping into the inner skirt, to one side a large ‘RZM’ within a circle, to the opposite side inner skirt a large ‘SS’ runic symbol. The helmet was originally issued in black and with its own unique style of liner has been ordnance stripped, the interior liner replaced with a standard M.40 liner, which is in excellent condition with the whole helmet repainted in a field grey, we can only assume that due to the need for extra helmets at the mobilisation of the Volksturm that this was used for that effect. Areas on the crown can be seen with the black paint below the field grey green. An untouched RZM helmet in black would in our estimation be valued in excess of £3,000, this example in view of the modifications and re-use.

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