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An incredibly rare helmet being the model 1814/15 of the Guard Du Corps De La Maison Du Roi, excellent condition all black lacquered leather skull with silver plated intricately decorated silvered mounts, a tall Roman style comb embossed with feathers and black horsehair plume. The front plate is in the form of a sunburst with central Apollo mask and crowned mirrored monogram ‘L’ (King Louis XVIII) 1814-24. At the lower point of the front plate the inscription ‘NEC PLURIBUF IMPR’ which is the motto of the French Empire. The chin scales are backed with black velvet on Apollo mask bosses. On both sides of the skull two curled vines (palmes). The leather sweat band is all original, traces of the silk lining still intact. Side plume missing ,the side plume mount secured with later added wire. Some signs of restoration where the side palmes, which were added in 1815 have been re-attached with non contemporary wire. The Guard Du Corps De La Maison Cu Roi was re-established in 1814 and disbanded for good by King Louis Philippe on the 11th of August 1830. It comprised of six companies with a total of 2,686 men. The palmes were added as a decorative element on the 16th January 1815. This is in such superb condition even the original bullion decorative tassels which link the chin scales together are still present. The hook above the front plate for the chin scales to be hooked up to is all complete. Horsehair plume absolutely original, velvet backing to the chin scales again absolutely original.

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