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44 images all adhered by original period celluloid corners to pages, which appear to have been cut from a wartime album. One superb large image of a Waffen SS officer with his family wearing a very high saddle shaped cap with a caption below, the caption has been translated on a separate sheet ‘Frauenschaft helper wearing cuff title’, HJ boys in full uniform, groups of SS officers, a large format image of a soldier in the Der Fuhrer showing cuff title talking to female operatives, BDM sleeve triangles being shown on separate images, marching groups of BDM girls, SS soldiers eating with their steel helmets on with runes clearly being shown, other SS images with two girls, one girl wearing his visor cap, two good photographs of a Stalhelm member, Waffen SS men in the field with full uniform front shots, one SS Panzer man wearing full black uniform and grey visor cap, more BDM girls with HJ boys, SA men wearing kepis, a Der Fuhrer man recovering from wounds on leave with his family. A very good interesting mix of images.

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