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A very nice large size photograph album with period cover measuring 35cm x 26cm with beautiful artwork on the first page indicating ‘Photographic record of my service in the RAD between 15th July 1936 to the 22nd November 1936’. The album opens with various items of paperwork relating to the girls service in the female department of the RAD, the paperwork relates to articles she needs to accompany her service. The album then opens August 1936, all beautifully annotated in white, pictures of country scenes, the paperwork then concludes her first leave pass. The girl would appear to be Kathe Rodiger, pictures of her first leave in Leipzig wearing her female RAD uniform with female arm badge and cuff title Sachsen. Groups of RAD girls on leave together. More impressive paperwork. Images of 2nd leave, again in similar uniform shots. Camp scenes July 1936, September 1936 hiking scenes. The album is interspersed with some of the most beautiful artwork. Excellent shot of two girls on a motorcycle combination. Good close-up uniform shots with accompanying paperwork. 1937 on holiday with her parents, they would appear to be rather a wealthy family as the motorcars in the images are of expensive types for the period. Excellent large format shots of Lake Bodensee. At the end of the album with family photographs post WWII. The images in this album are of extremely high quality and a good historical documentation of a girl’s service in the women’s RAD. 177 photographs.

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