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A highly impressive and historically important all wood four branch candle holder measuring 65cms in width, 7.5cms in depth, 23.5cms in height carved in wood with a sun wheel Nordic symbol to the front, a naked figure of a woman on the reverse side holding up the sunrays, various other carvings. Accompanying the candle holder is a letter on the headed paper of the Reichsfuhrer SS dated ‘27th June 1944’, the letter is addressed to Seigfried Taubert who was basically the curator of the castle telling him that he is sending this artefact of German culture to the castle for display, asking him to enter it into the inventory of the castle. The letter is pen signed by Heinrich Himmler, it is punch holed for filing, there are two burn stains and four holes through the centre of the letter. The letter itself is enclosed in an envelope, written to the front ‘Privat-Sammlung Reichsfuhrer SS, SS-Schule Haus Wewelsburg’ with the inventory number ‘1239’, this is attached by string with a red wax seal with SS runes to the wax seal. To the underside of the wooden candle holder burned into the wood ‘Inventory No.1239’. A highly important piece in the history of Wewelsburg Castle.

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