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A most beautiful 54cm x 50cm trumpet banner, the face side having the most beautifully constructed hand chain stitched Third Reich eagle and swastika in silver with the wings to the eagle, the breast of the eagle, the wreath surrounding the central swastika and the edges of the swastika itself embroidered in black to illuminate the silver. All embroidered onto what was probably a white background of silk, which has toned to a cream colour over the years. The full fringing on both sides and the base is complete with its trumpet ties in three places to the top of the banner. On the reverse side is a most magnificent image of the Kreigsmarine war flag, which has been applied in a multi-layered fashion on red silk. The banner has no unit designation any where, it is a theory but only a theory that because of the use of the Kriegsmarine war flag on the reverse side that this could have some naval connotations and possibly a naval land based unit. We have had many trumpet banners over the past 40 years and normally naval based units have gold eagles laid on a blue background and this case a silver eagle on a white/cream background, which leads us to theorise that this could be a marine artillery or another land based naval unit. However the banner is in absolutely superb condition, there is no moth, damage or staining, it is at present double sided framed with a suspension cord.

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