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A superb cap that is iconic within the collecting world of German militaria. The 1st pattern Afrika Korps cap is heavily 'chemically bleached' as done by the soldiers in the field using a mixture of petrol and anti gas tablets. The fashion amongst the troops was to have the appearance of the hardened veteran and chemical bleaching was popular along with natural sun fading. The exterior of the cap was stiff heavyweight tropical cloth along with 1st pattern bevo insignia both factory applied and un touched, the cornflower blue soutache for 'Transport' has been removed as per February 1942 regulations, the remains of the blue coloured soutache is visible when viewed between the seem of the peak and body of the cap. The darker line of where the soutache once sat is also visible surrounding the roundel. The original air vents are nicely oxidised. The interior of the cap has the standard red lining which is unstitched around the rear section of the cap through wear. The cap sits nicely like a bucket when upturned, which is always a positive sign of originality. The maker mark of Erich Bergmann with a date of 1941 and size 59 present along with stitch marks where a name label was once present inside. The maker Erich Bergmann is considered one of the rarer makers of these caps as per documented in the book 'Afirka Korps' by Daniel Fisher, where another Bergmann cap is illustrated. The interior front brow of the cap carries the usual grime and sweat marks and the stitching at the front is still intact. The underside of the peak is bleached but not as faded as the topside adding further to the history of the cap being chemically bleached and further faded by the sun. A truly wonderful item!

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