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A superb album tracing the history of the Jager (Infantry Regiment 390) 1916 to 18. The album, which is very large in size, beautifully leather covered, measuring 39 x 28cm and being 9cms thick at its spine. The exterior cover has the silver blocked image of the 1914 Iron Cross with in gold ‘J.R.390 1916-18’. The album contains 336 images, on the front page there is an index of the officers that contributed to the album in terms of the purchase of the album and the pictures, there are 7 in total. The album begins with an annotation ‘KAMPF BEI MOULIN SOUS TOUVENTS 27TH AUGUST 16TH TO 17TH OCTOBER 1916’. Virtually all of the images, which are well exposed are of small format measuring between 6 x 6cm up to 8 x 5cm. All of the images are taken in the battlefield. Every page is annotated as to its position on the battlefront. Excellent images of troops in battle order, snipers, destroyed farmyards, trench scenes, minefield, officers in deep trenches, officers in underground bunkers. Every image is annotated with a letter, which would appear to correlate with possibly a separate index that may have become separated from the album. One blank page with annotation ‘SCHLACHT AN DER SOMME 20.10.16 TO 25.11.16’. German soldiers on horseback, fortified villages, flamethrowers in action outside Bellicourt, blown up battlefields, soldiers in trenches wearing M.16 style helmets, officers at Christmas time, a good close up of a German Minenwerfer, German soldier on guard duty with heavy winter coat, snow on the ground in the winter of 16 on the River Aisne. The album moves through different periods of the 16 to 18 and different areas, the album moves onto Aisne-Champagne, field kitchens preparing food, pictures of the Mons Front, French prisoners of war being marched away, excellent close-ups of officers in the trenches, destroyed tanks, German aircraft on airfields, aviators wearing flying kit, images inside an officers mess with all the officers names annotated, a group of French prisoners taken by German assault troops of Infantry Regiment 390. Observation balloons, narrow gauge railways behind the lines, German troops inspecting captured French Chauchat machine guns. An extremely good album covering virtually every aspect of trench warfare dedicated to one regiment.

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