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One of the most difficult pieces of headdress of the SS to obtain is the SS mans kepi, identical in form and construction to the example shown on pages 159 of the excellent work Inside the Allgemeine SS authored by Ulric of England. A post 1929 kepi complete with its M.29 short wing national eagle and jawless skull. The kepi is constructed from a very lightweight black woollen cloth, which in the exposed areas of the kepi the crownand outer body peak has lost most of the nap of the cloth in the protected areas, which is the side scallop of the cap, on pulling down the material in these areas a distinct difference in the cloth thickness is observed. There is one minor moth nip to the very edge of the front peak and one small moth nip just behind the strap attachment button on the left hand side of the cap as the cap is viewed. It has the single button in black of a 4mm diameter just above the jawless skull. Twin air vent holes to either side of the kepi. Complete with its correct centre split black leather chinstrap with black side buttons. To the interior the upper inner crown is lined in the russet brown waterproof canvas-like material which is seen in many later Allgemeine SS depot issue visor caps, it is stamped size ‘58’. There is some slight degrading to the canvas waterproof crown material. The sides are lined with a near matching russet brown brushed cotton with its brown leather sweatband, which has the standarte marking to the interior of the sweatband within a rectangle, which reads ‘N.H.St’ which would normally indicate the wearer of this cap was a member of the Neiderhein Standarte.

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