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A very rare gorget for the Third Reich being the Army Feldjagerkorps, the Feldjagerkorps organised within the German Army in late 1943, this was an in-depth organisation within the military field police, much smaller than the huge organisation of the military police itself, therefore the gorget is rare. This example is identical in every respect to the example shown on page 590 of Gorgets and Breast Shields of the Third Reich by Wilhelm Saris and Andrew Mollo. All stamped steel construction, luminous painted buttons, central wide winged national eagle with a matching Feldjagerkorps luminous scroll below, with its original field grey green material backing of which the original animal adhesive glue holding the material to the steel plate has dried out and the cloth is loose. On lifting the cloth it can be seen that the original animal glue used during WWII is still all intact, one of the pins holding the scroll to the body of the shield has come adrift but is still stuck to the glued material backing. With its original matching chain, which matches in condition to the gorget. To the rear of the gorget the retaining pin to hold the chain is in place, the fixed section of the chain is all correct, the uniform retaining hook has the makerís mark ĎMí within a lozenge stamped to the hook.

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