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A fantastic service worn Gabardine constructed overseas cap for a Panzer officer. Although not size stamped we estimate the size of 54 to 55, standard construction with scalloped sides, officers silver waffenfarbe to the crown and to the front scallops of the cap. Two air vented eyelets in steel. There is minor shredding and oxidisation to the waffenfarbe fully surrounding the crown area. The silver waffenfarbe at the front scallop area is untouched. The cap is fitted with an enlisted mans grey on black eagle, officers wire woven cockade with the inverted Panzer rose pink waffenfarbe. The wearer has slightly modified the look of the cap by placing a safety pin at the top of the cap close to the eagle to hold the envelope part together to give it a more jaunty shape. The double row of stitching that holds the side scallop is all intact but with a slightly rotted section close to the area where this scallop butts to the silver scallop waffenfarbe. There is also another area where the stitching has rotted, the first is just below the inverted V of the rose pink waffenfarbe and the lower right hand edge of the hat. The interior is lined in a simple black brushed cross weave cotton with two strips of silver grey rayon material at the interior base of the envelope section. A superb piece of classic Third Reich headdress.

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