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A totally original faded and well service worn double sided camouflage spring and autumn visored field cap. There is always much conjecture over the authenticity of these caps, this is a classic service worn example, the age which cannot be replicated. The twin air vents to each side are woven, the front inner peak cardboard lining has congealed through getting wet, the natural wear around the interior being the autumn side is absolutely natural, the hat has never been worn in the reverse order. There are two pinholes either side of the front seam where a Waffen SS skull has been attached quite unofficially. There is one small snag hole to the upper crown area. The true test of an original field service worn visored field cap, whether it be the Afrika M 41cap or any of the M 43 style caps is when the cap is inverted into its crown and the cap does not collapse into itself, over the years the cap gets strengthened by the body sweat of the wearer. The interior upper seam which joins the two pieces of the crown together has a unique manufacturing process in that half of the seam turns to the left and the other half of the seam turns to the right.

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