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The only other Company that patented an air vent system for the visor caps other than Erel was the Company of Herman Potthoff, this system is fitted behind the national cockade with holes to allow fresh air to vent through the back of the cockade into the main inner body of the cap. This example has excellent nap to the cloth, one small moth nip to the mountain green waffenfarbe at the rear of the cap, good thick heavy duty material. A matching national eagle and cockade, standard officers cap cords, standard visor, although not size marked we estimate the cap to be size 58 or 59. The sweatband is of the ersatz variety and is torn in one place behind the forehead. The remainder of the interior lining is in gold. The central lozenge has broken away but still clearly revealing the maker’s initials for HBC, then the lettering ‘frischluft’ (fresh air). One small 2cm length of the gold silk lining shot mainly underneath the rear overhang of the cap. Good high saddle shape. A fine mountain troopers cap by a rare maker.

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