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A very scarce waffenfarbe being the Bordeaux red piped waffenfarbe for Chemical warfare troops. A small size cap constructed in issue quality cloth, the only evidence of moth damage being one moth nip to the waffenfarbe above the national eagle, otherwise all nap good. An exact matching and aged set of national insignia, standard patent chinstrap with rounded edged buckles. Pigskin mid tan leather liner all complete and undamaged with wear use obvious in the forehead area. The remainder of the interior is lined in a lemon gold silk, which has been multi stitched in a lozenge form leaving the makerís mark of an atlas of the world gold blocked behind the centre celluloid lozenge, we have encountered this maker before and they have always had the multi stitched style upper inner crown lining. On inverting the cap and looking at the join of the visor to the main body it would at first glance give the thought that the visor has been re-attached to the main body at some time in its life, this is not the case, the original pre-stitched holes to the body of the fibre peak have not been used and a further set of holes is up underneath the sweatband material. A rare colour waffenfarbe.

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