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One of the most impressive items from the era of the Third Reich are the flags known as The Regimental Standards, these 130cm x 130cm standards were all hand produced in the most exquisite manner and were produced in the various different colours of the arms of the service of the German Army, for example white for infantry, red for artillery, mountain green for mountain troops, rose pink for panzer, golden yellow for cavalry and so on, as per the waffenfarbe regulations. Very few survived WWII, hundreds of these flags can be seen trampled in the cobbles of Red Square in Moscow at the Soviet Russian Victory Parade of 1945. Most of the ones that were not captured were destroyed and very few remain. This infantry example is generally in very displayable condition with the beautiful metallic embroidery all intact laid onto the Iron Cross background with the four swastikas in each corner of the flag on both sides and complete with silver fringing. This example at some time in its life has lost the extra section of silk on the left hand side of the flag, which wraps around the pole and is pinned to the pole, all of the fringing is intact with the exception of two 10 cm centimetre sections, which can be viewed on our web images. Also at some time in its life it would appear that rodents have attacked the central cotton embroidered down swept wing national eagle, also two small sections of the upper arm of the Iron Cross, in these positions the flag has been professional patched and still makes a very fine display item and the flag is priced according to this damage. The silk generally on the flag is good and strong with slight shot areas around the edges of the central eagle, the main body is still good and strong. The flag deserves to be double sided framed for display.

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