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A magnificent tunic, featured on pages 122,123, 124, 125 of Feldzug 16, this ex Michael Baldwin collection tunic is a magnificent example of a bluse, worn by an Offizerstellvertreter of the 26th Wurttemberg Dragoon Regiment, large size, superb field grey cloth, all nap remaining. The minor odd moth nip with one slightly larger moth nip on the lower front skirt measuring 3 x 5mm. Standard deep turned back barrel cuffs, subdued lace to both the tip of the barrel cuff and a section above on the sleeve, as can be seen by the web images and the four page description in Feldzug 16, the lace is slightly shredded to the apple green collar, Wurttemberg collar discs, regimental motifs in subdued material to both shoulder straps, beautifully marked inside to ‘Army Corps 13’ dated ‘1916’ plus all sizes and deep ‘Dragoon Regiment 26’ markings.

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