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A magnificent condition pencil marked size ‘57˝’ to the inner crown area. Skull superb. Some minor crazing to the front and back peak, both peaks securely attached to the main body. The gilt overall to the back strap, fluted spike, cross base beautifully struck and detailed Bavarian crown with large blue, white, red and gold enamelled Bavarian Coat of Arms only worn by Generals. Flat chin scales, square cut front peak with gilded peak trim, both national and Bavarian cockades are of the utmost quality. To the interior the front and rear peaks are lined in red and green, the interior leather liner is excellent showing some wear use with its inner silk complete. Lightly stamped in ink to the upper inner crown is the word ‘Extraleicht’ (extra light).

Code: 70853 Price: 3250.00 GBP

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