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A magnificent grouping of the French made American tunic of Captain F.K.Leavitt with a photograph album of base hospital number 20 at Chatel Guion France. Two German pickelhaubes and other souvenirs brought back by Captain Doctor Leavitt. A much fuller description with accompanying photographs are in-depth described and illustrated on pages 58 to 69 of Feldzug 1918 by Michael Baldwin. This grouping is accompanied by a hard copy paper description from the original seller from whom Michael Baldwin made the purchase in 1995. The two major objects in the group are the two pickelhaubes, the first being a standard all leather Prussian enlisted ranks pickelhaube, all complete minus the chinstrap and national and state cockades. Beautifully marked to the interior back peak to the 30th Infantry Regiment and dated ‘1900’ and further dated ‘1912’, complete with its liner. The second helmet is a Wurttemberg Reserve officers or 1 Year Volunteer pickelhaube all complete with the majority of the fittings being of officer quality, however attached to the end caps that would normally cover the end of officers chin scales are placed a brass set of enlisted ranks leather strap fittings indicating that at one time it did have a leather chinstrap for an enlisted man or NCO. To the right of the stag on the Wurttemberg front plate is a bullet hole through the leather skull, which has damaged one of the tongues of the inner liner, which again is virtually all complete and has exited the rear of the skull. To the interior rear peak the helmet is clearly unit marked ‘124R’ with date of ‘1906’ with further unidentified markings. In one of the photographs applied to the album pages is a magnificent grouping of all Dr.Leavitt’s war souvenirs arranged in display form, which include both the Prussian and Wurttemberg helmets previously described. Other items in the group of souvenirs include a 29cm high alabaster figure of Kaiser Frederick III, another figure of Field Marshall Von Moltke, a shell trench art item, Captain Leavitt’s tunic and two pairs of breeches, two sets of his puttees, a pair of gloves, one lanyard, a small German postcard album. As previously stated for further in-depth photographs and descriptions please read Feldzug 18.

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