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A very good enlisted mans/NCOs all leather bodied pickelhaube, crazed overall to the leather covering with slight chipping to that covering just close to the circular spike base but with good form, no damage to the skull. Both front and back peaks are firmly stitched to the main body. All of the fittings, which include the back strap, non removable spike, circular spike base, Prussian front plate, domed clip-over chin scales, front peak trim all match perfectly in colour. The helmet is fitted with its correct national and Prussian State cockades. The interior liner is absolutely complete, a collector has introduced a piece of modern string to act as a drawstring. There is one tear to the leather of the liner close to the rear peak. There is an old French collectors label pasted into the upper inner crown on the black disc that sits below the circular spike base. To the rear peak the helmet is clearly marked T.B.2 ( Train battalion 2 )1905. The helmet is correctly fitted with its domed chin scales, which are significant to train troops, this was obviously worn by an NCO. Unusually the front peak trim is not kinked inside, however the two tiny split pins that hold the peak trim to the body are missing.

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