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A size 56 Allgemeine SS enlisted mans/NCO’s visor cap. The whole cap is constructed in the black ribbed material, the whole body of the cap is totally free of any moth damage. The white waffenfarbe surrounding the crown has one minor moth nip just to the right hand of the tip of the Allgemeine SS eagle. The white waffenfarbe at the top of the centre band has some hidden moth nips underneath the rear overhang, the lower section of white waffenfarbe has two moth nips at the rear. The cap is with its black patent single buckled centre strap, a superb set of national SS eagle and skull. The interior is lined in gold with at least three quarters of its centre celluloid lozenge remaining, gold blocked SS runes below the lozenge with a gold blocked size stamp ‘56’. SS RZM rubber ink marked on the interior of the visor. Its original light tan sweatband is all complete. Some extra stitches have been placed to the sweatband in the area of the forehead either contemporarily or by a collector. The orange Sorbo rubber behind the forehead has semi solidified but is still all complete. A 15cm section of the liner the stitches have rotted away leaving the liner slightly loose from the main body.

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