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An extremely good double Erel marked size 56 or 57 Luftwaffe officers visor cap, the main body is constructed in the highest quality Luftwaffe blue grey Melton type material. Silver piping surrounding the crown, the upper and lower sections of the mohair centre band. There is a complete absence of any moth damage either holes or tracking in any part of this cap. A beautiful matched set of heavy bullion wire Luftwaffe eagle and national cockade. Standard set of silver cap cords with pebbled side buttons. Front peak of the more commonly encountered double ribbed peak with green cross-hatched interior. The sweatband is of the mid tan variety with the Erel trademark impressed into the leather. The remainder of the interior lining in gold silk with a virtually complete centre celluloid lozenge with a slight bit of damage to the celluloid in the lower right hand corner. Beneath the lozenge is the complete ‘Verkaufsabteilung Der Luftwaffe Berlin SW68’ marking. All of the gilding to the lettering has disappeared but the lettering is still absolutely clear and visible. A beautiful hat.

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