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The incredibly rare weapon known as the Potts bayonet, overall length out of the scabbard is 44cms, beautiful Bowie type blade, which is complete in its original profile and has not been sharpened. Fitted into its two-piece brass and wood hilt, the hilt itself is undamaged with just minor abrasions. The brass fittings have two, what appear to be muzzle rings but there is contention that this may be a pike top instead of a rifle fitting weapon, nevertheless whether it be a pike top or a bayonet it is a very rare artefact of the U.S. Civil War 1861-1865. Complete with its leather scabbard, which is in excellent condition, slight abrasions to the leather and with its upper and lower brass mounts, which are riveted to the leather. The scabbard has shrunk slightly and a 4mm gap appears between the top of the scabbard and the base of the cross guard

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