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A superb condition large size pair of the brown ankle boots. This pair issued to SS troops, beautiful brown leather, excellent form to the feet, good white stitching visible, both tongues fitted to the boots, both boots have their toe and heel cleats and all of their hobnails fitted. Marked in the recess below the rear heel ‘SS’ within a circle, ‘95/4’ followed by ‘RZM’ within a circle. They are stamped size ‘46’ they are also rubber ink stamped, maker marked ‘SW’ with a date ‘1935’ to the interior, also within the rubber ink stamping there is what appears to be ‘SS Frei Willinger St Georgien’, the identical stamping to the right hand boot is too faint to read. We can only assume these were boots issued to the SS Verfugungstruppen. On page 33 of Andre Mollo’s excellent work Uniforms of the SS volume 3, SS Verfungenstruppen 33 to 39 there is an excellent image of an SS Verfungenstruppen cleaning his ankle boots within a barracks, clearly can be viewed the thickness of the sole, which is identical to the boots offered here. A very rare item of footwear of a rare pre war SS unit.

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