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An absolutely intriguing item of the utmost quality and possibly a unique custom made item of the time. We can surmise that the blade for this extremely heavy and solid weapon is that of a Claymore sword. The configuration and fuller clearly follow that of the traditional Scottish weapon and shows extreme high quality grinding and much polish to the steel with just a little staining in places. The mounting of the weapon again is of extraordinary quality having a typical blackened carved hardwood handle very much in the Scottish and Celtic design style with small silver studs to the herringbone-like pattern of the deeply incised wood engraving. All fittings are of good solid hallmarked silver construction with a beautiful untouched patination throughout. Hallmarks to the pommel would indicate post 1820 manufacture in London, England, by a manufacturer originally based in Dublin, Ireland, who extended operations to the English mainland. The scabbard again reflects very much Scottish traditions with typical high quality silver mounts, each hallmarked and bearing the initials of another engraver, these projects were often shared by silversmiths who would produce unique items combining skill of a number of artisan craftsmen. To the front of the scabbard is mounted a single Scottish traditional castle with fine quality red silk decoration. Clearly the tassel is derived from what would have been worn upon the traditional Scottish sporran. The silver mounted cup to the decoration is decorated with sea-like monster creatures and the small boss attaching it to the scabbard’s body is a typical face in the Romanesque style and very typical of interpretations of antiquity derived from ancient history and reborn during the Regency and Georgian period. To the reverse is the original belt hanger, this being of typical patent leather material showing the usual congealing to the otherwise supple patent leather. The scabbard itself is completely covered in a super and fine quality very subtly tooled leather, this is in remarkably good condition with some loss of colour to the blackening, obvious areas of rubbing and bruising however the overall patination of the leather is extremely pleasing and again enhances the object massively. The silver pitting fittings throughout have developed a wonderful slightly darkened patination with metal still bright but not showing signs of polishing or over-cleaning. Custom weapons such as these were extremely popular with British officers particularly those posted to Colonial outposts where the necessity to carry a sword was impractical and thus an explorer or soldier type knife was a common affectation particularly of the wealthy classes who would commission such objects and we believe this has been produced from a fine quality Scottish officers broad sword blade. An absolutely unique item and a centrepiece to a knife collection.

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