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A most superb condition 56cm in width to the tips of the brocade, 52cm deep also to the tips of the brocade in diameter banner. The face side hand gold embroidered in the most highest quality possible, large Kriegsmarine eagle with a 38cm wing span. The quality can clearly be seen in our web images. The eagle is laid upon a section of Kriegsmarine very fine quality Melton material. Gold trimmed with heavy gold brocade edging. The reverse side is a machine embroidered Kriegsmarine battle flag all embroidered onto fine watered silk. The trumpet bannerís four tie on tabs are still in place. This item was recently acquired from a house clearance within the U.K. Following the pattern that has emerged over many years of handling items of the Kriegsmarine discovered in the U.K. Due to the fact that the three major naval ports of Wilhelmshafen, Bremen and Hamburg were all occupied by British forces a huge amount of naval souvenirs have appeared within the U.K. in the last 50 years, more so than any other of the occupiers of the Third Reich after the cessation of hostilities. A slight toning to some of the grey thread, one slight nick to the threads on the right hand arm of the Kriegsmarine battle flag, otherwise absolutely superb, no moth, damage or undue staining.