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An absolutely super example of a privately purchased other ranks tunic of good quality, however the exterior almost exactly is that of the standard issue tunic being of a good quality wool with excellent nap remaining and having the stand and fall type collar with NCO’s litzen, originally mounted red boards with ‘68’ and the artillery yellow grenade device. All buttons throughout are Prussian crown types and the cuffs are of the Saxon cut, this mixing of cuts was indeed very common towards the war’s end and this represents a typical wartime produced best tunic. To the reverse skirts again the detail is much the same and the tunic itself is in super condition with only one or two moth nips throughout and an excellent field grey colour. There are tacks to the front for the mounting of one award or Wound badge. The lining is of brushed cotton throughout. An absolutely super tunic that would display wonderfully and very much represents a wartime worn tunic.