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An exceedingly rare and completely untouched set in excellent condition, the set itself recently came out of Germany where it had been stored from the war's end. There are several interesting elements to this above average set. The original early short Gummi mask tin is complete with wire framework to the interior of the lid and approximately 90% of the field grey paint with a little rust bleed. The Gummi mask held within is very much above average and remarkably supple for one of these masks. There is a beautiful 'Kannoier' name painted to the bezel of the mask. The straps are all functioning well. Perhaps the scarcest element of the set is the original spare filter bag in a rough grey linen material with the original filter held within. The filter itself is in a remarkable state having the very scarce card base still present with its pull off tab still in place and the closure cap in japanned metal to the filter's top. There is a clear date of '1917' to the canister and only very faint traces of russet rust. The spare filter bag has typical German markings to the interior and is in excellent very lightly used condition. The whole set is totally complete with original canvas carrying tabs with both the short tab and long carrying strap has well as full instructions to the base of the can. A very difficult set to improve upon.