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A most superb example of the Allgemeine SS Officers visor cap. It has all the features of the most desired variety of these caps. Plain black silk lining, centre celluloid lozenge without any markings below. SS ink stamped to the visor plus the large canvas 'Tuchmutze' canvas label beneath the leather sweat band. The cap is approx. size 57/58. It is totally moth free with excellent nap to the cloth. White piping, very high quality centre velvet band. Standard officers silver wire cap cords. Slight spidering to the exterior of the black visor. The insignia fitted is a complete matching set of the SS skull and eagle with a bright silver wash and a highlighted central swastika. The black silk lining to the interior has shredded in the forehead area. The remainder of the lining is perfect. The mid brown leather sweatband is also superb.