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A good example of an extremely difficult to find 1796 Heavy Cavalry troopers sword. The blade is generally in good condition, but black marked overall. No deep corrosion and no chips to the cutting edge. The point of the blade, which was originally hatched point has been re-shaped to spear point, as was quite common. Maker marked on the back of the blade ‘Josh H Reddell’. The grip, which has not been modified in any form, is of the same condition as the blade with some dark spotting from old corrosion cleaned off. The grip has slight chippings to the wood but otherwise good. Marked on the flat back strap ‘RD (Royal Dragoons) ‘F’ followed by ‘29’. The scabbard, again in excellent condition, undented, matching in condition to the sword, also matching marked ‘RD F29’, complete with both of its hanging rings and the scabbard complete with its wood liners. A very good sword, which could have been used at the Battle of Waterloo by the Royal Dragoons.