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An excellent example of the scarce model 1936 SS officers dagger with suspension chains. The blade is good, at least 90% of the original cross grain finish is remaining. Good clear deep motto to the central section of the blade in contrasting lower grey colour. Lines to the blade where it has rubbed against the inner brass blade retaining bands. Some slight greying to the blade close to the join with the lower grip mount. The blade is non maker marked as all of the SS chained officers daggers should have been. Ebony grip excellent with undamaged black SS runic inset. A good quality national eagle in nickel. Some minor abrasions to the wood grip but no undue damage or splits. The good early heavy nickel finish to the upper and lower grip mounts is generally good with some abrasions to the lower of the two mounts. The scabbard is the early anodised variety with the portion between the centre scabbard mount and the lower scabbard mount still retaining much of its original lacquer. Good finish to all three of the heavy nickel fittings with minor distortion in shape to the upper scabbard mount. All of the screws are present, complete with its correct set of chains in excellent condition, double SS runic marked within a square to the reverse side of one of the chains. The sprung loaded belt clip is present and working correctly. Minor indentations to the ball of the lower scabbard mount. A very clean example.