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A good example of a matched number Teno mans hewer. These hewers, along with the RAD hewer are difficult to find in good condition as they have normally been abused. This example with its etched number ‘8483’ to the upper part of the blade below the swastika on the cross guard is number stamp matched ‘8483’ to the upper throat of the scabbard. The blade is good and clean, much of the original black patination is still visible in the lower field behind the wings of the eagle on the cross guard. Some minor lifting of plating just underneath the cogwheel on the eagle’s head and on the back strap of the grip. Two minor chips from the celluloid grip. Complete in its steel mounted scabbard with virtually all its original black painted finish with minor chips as can be seen on web images. The four screws that fit the upper and lower scabbard mounts to the main scabbard are all intact without the heads being turned. A good clean example.