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An extremely rare combination being an absolutely textbook 1941 produced example of the helmet having stocking type liner to the interior with oilcloth band and grey flecked thick cotton skirts throughout, tightened with a cord. The original all web chin strap is riveted in place with original aluminium buckle and strap end. The interior paintwork is of pea green Russian standard with acceptance stamps and a good POCT 2A and 1941 markings. What places this helmet extremely appealing is the exterior has received a secondary coat of camouflage paint, this consists of a hand applied mid green over paint with very rough rudimentary splotches of linea tan paint, this appears applied probably with a rag. Russian camouflage helmets must be considered extremely rare and examples have been seen and these are generally carried out in a very haphazard and rudimentary fashion. There are many areas of chipping and rust bleed as well as the usual combat scratches and areas of wear.