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An absolutely magnificent wartime constructed fibre bodied huge size pickelhaube of a Bavarian Senior NCO. The skull constructed in fibre is in absolutely mint condition, there is no congealing to the front or back peaks or cracking or marks of any type to this mint bright skull. The helmet is fitted with an NCOís gilt brass back strap, cross base, removable fluted spike, large Bavarian front plate with officers cut out crowns. The domed chinscales are the clip over variety and the helmet is fitted with its totally original enlisted ranks national and Bavarian State cockades. The front peak trim is of the officers variety. To the interior it is all of officers quality with a medium brown leather sweatband, which shows very little wear use, embossed makerís name within the leather. The original grey silk inner lining is all present and to the very interior of the skull all of the nuts with their original washers are in place. This has to be the finest example of a Senior NCOís helmet we have ever had.