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An absolutely exceptional set bought directly from the daughter of the original officer. This officer, by the name of Roebuck, kept an extremely extensive trunk of items as momentums of his service. The lot includes two very nicely tinted large photographs of him in items of the uniform within the trunks. An excellent Royal Marine simplified Khaki service dress with all buttons and collars, his full dress bluse open necked officers four pocket tunic with tie and separate belt, with its matching high quality cap with beautiful two-piece gilt insignia. His officers service dress cap in a good jaunty shape, again with two-piece bronze insignia. Two wartime produced berets of Royal Marine pattern with correct red backing, one with original badge attached, one being ’43 and one being ‘44’ dated. There are many items that clearly show he served on ship including anti flash hood and gloves, the hood is a lovely example dated ‘43’, there is an anti flash neck crevat, various black and white framed photos of him, his naval type blue belt ‘43’ dated, numerous paperwork including many training pamphlets including two on close combat. Royal Marine side cap with interesting Aertex Indian produced type lining. Officers side back pack, school cap, Sam Browne belt, puttees. Various maps, two swagger sticks and two excellent semaphore signalling flags with registrations upon them. An absolutely enormous amount of items including his Home Guard ID card, clearly showing this young officer served in the Home Guard prior to enlistment in the Marines. His name tags, various log books, an absolutely beautiful issue naval ensign with heavy bronze fixtures all in appliqué with a wonderful fade. One of the most extensive groups we have come across in many years and something that would make an absolutely wonderful centrepiece display. The whole set is in very stored condition with a strong smell of mothballs and some light mildew, however this would brush away with a stiff brush and with some gentle pressing the whole set could be greatly improved upon.