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An absolutely magnificent and attributed grouping that was originally the possession of Les Mazzoni. The grouping consists of his cap, which in itself is a very interesting cap being of very early manufacture with a densely quilted liner and very high quality leather headband with fitting cord running the entire length of the deep headband. The cap has a fitted mohair band that is eyeleted through the front to receive the all gilt metal senior NCO's badge, which was normally worn by Warrant Officer ranks. The side buttons of the cap are of bronzed small type and again indicate Senior Warrant Officer status. There is a photocopy of a very clear image of this man wearing this very cap and it is very clear from the image this is the cap with the same insignia and side buttons. The cap is in relatively good condition with a few moth nips and pulls and slight discoloration from use. There are one or two rips to the headband, all that said this is a very impressive and highly evocative item. In the photograph one can clearly see this airman wearing the flight engineers half wing as well as a compliment of WWII medal ribbons and below this the Pathfinders insignia to the pocket flap. Also with the group are some photos appertaining to the crest of the Royal Canadian Air Force, the lumination within the photograph presumably being the squadron that this man flew with. Unfortunately there is no other research material as yet with this cap, however it is certain some diligent research much could be gained.