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An exceptionally good condition Political Leaders visor cap at Ortsgruppe level. It is constructed out of the standard NSDAP brown uniform cloth, lightly ribbed. In the 1930's the semi derogatory terms used about the NSDAP uniform by the general populous were The Golden Pheasants. One minor moth nip to the crown. Good bright Ortsgruppe mid blue waffenfarbe. The centre brown velvet band is excellent with one minor moth nip on the overhang of the cap. The gilt to the national eagle and to the cockade is superb with the enamel totally undamaged to the three part construction silver, black and red enamelled NSDAP central cockade. Standard gold officers type cords. Gilding to the pebbled side buttons have faded slightly. To the interior the sweat band is of the ersatz variety and one has to take care when pulling the sweat band back to view the original RZM ticket below. There is one minor split already in the sweat band between the perforation marks of the forehead area. The remaining interior of the cap is covered in a light yellow artificial silk. The non maker marked celluloid lozenge is still complete with its original paper size tag stamped '55' slip underneath the lozenge.