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A highly fascinating and scarce group of Imperial German Austrian and Turkish awards, formerly the property of Captain T.Zlocisti, who was the Chief German Medical Officer of the German Red Cross Mission to Constantinople in WWI. The group comprises of a single pin back very high quality Iron Cross 1st class, flat construction, maker marked to the pin 'K.A.O.' Excellent finish overall, good frosting remaining to the rim. All of the blackened finish to the central Iron core is intact. Wide tapering pin. Fitted into its original issue box, which has silver blocked to the exterior the outline of the Iron Cross. Markings to the upper inner silk where the lid has pressed down on the award over many years. Two excellent examples of the German made versions of the Gallipoli Star of 1915, enamel to both pieces absolutely perfect and unchipped. The Prussian Service Cross, complete with its black, white and red trimmed medal in its original issue box. The 7 section medal bar, which comprises of the German Iron Cross 2nd class, the German Prussian Red Cross medal 2nd class in silver and enamel with the enamel totally undamaged. The German Prussian Red Cross medal 3rd class in bronze. The Austro Hungarian Empire Cross of Merit 1st class breast badge with the crown in gilt and enamels, again the enamel is totally undamaged. The Austro Hungarian Empire Red Cross decoration 2nd class breast badge, silver and enamel, with war decoration wreath, again the enamels are totally undamaged. The Turkish Ottoman Empire Red Crescent Medal, silver and enamel with silver and enamel suspension bar and oak leaf cluster on ribbon, the enamel again totally undamaged. Turkish Ottoman Empire Order of the Medjidieh 4th class breast badge including star and crescent suspension, silver marks on the reverse with its separate original case of issue and mounted on the medal bar. The recipient's original ribbon bar of which the Iron Cross ribbon has shredded and is missing, the two following German Red Cross medals the ribbons are half shredded. An additional short section of ribbon for the German Red Cross medal. Accompanying the medals is the original double folded paper pass written in German, Serbo Croat Turkish and Hungarian issued to Dr. Theodor Zlocisti. His pass photograph showing him wearing Imperial German uniform with Red Cross insignia at the collars and to the visor cap, beautifully script written, and officially stamped in many places, dated '1918'. Another separate loose picture of him standing on the steps of a building wearing a Red Cross overcoat and visor cap. A small section of period paper with a 16 line typed description of the owner and his service in WWI. Dr. Theodor Zlocisti was born Borchestowa, East Prussia in February 1874, educated at the University of Berlin where he read medicine and graduated as a doctor in 1900 and practised his profession throughout his life, first in Berlin then after the Great War in Tel Aviv and in Haifa, Palestine. During the Great War he was the Chief Medical Officer of the Red Cross Mission in Constantinople and Director of the Red Cross Hospital, he was a Zionist and he attended the 1st Zionist Congress and was heavily involved in Jewish European history, he died in Haifa in 1943. Not only is this a highly interesting medal grouping with this very important document, but it is well known that it was extremely difficult for any Jews in the First World War or even prior to WWI to in the first instance attain any form of officer rank but extremely difficult to be awarded the Iron Cross 2nd or 1st class, he was obviously a brilliant physician and was highly regarded in his work, which allowed him to overcome the anti Jewish sentiments in Germany, even at the time of the Great War.