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The world famous Shuttleworth collection of vintage aircraft being the largest Museum in the world containing the most aircraft of the vintage early flying period in Bedfordshire, named after Richard Shuttleworth, the original wearer of this uniform. The uniform parts comprise of the mess jacket and waistcoat as worn by a Lieutenant in the 16/ 5th Royal Lancers. The exterior of the uniform jacket is in superb condition, complete with its stitched on shoulder boards, the buttons to each shoulder board being of the QL16 (16th Queen’s Lancers) regimental pattern. All of the imitation closure ball decoration to the front of the tunic is intact. Age dusting overall, but completely free of moth. The label to the interior collar reads ‘Rogers & Company, 8 New Burlington Street, London W.1’ followed by ‘R.G.Shuttleworth’ date ‘2.10.1930’. The interior silk lining has unfortunately shot in places. The mess jacket is accompanied by the blue sleeveless waistcoat with the identical label both in weave and in hand written script to the name of ‘Shuttleworth’. The lining to the waistcoat is good. The ensemble is completed with the addition of the brocade cross belt with all of its solid silver fittings, all hallmarked dated between 1914 and a918 to the ‘16th Lancers’. The silver prickers are missing from one of the fittings, however overall the cross belt and its box are in superb condition. Richard Ormond Shuttleworth, born 1909, racing motorist from a wealthy family, aviator and collector of veteran cars and aircraft. He started to collect vintage aircraft after WWI. In early WWII he volunteered for the RAF and was killed in a flying accident whilst flying a Fairey Battle.