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A very good condition SS officers sword. The straight single fullered 85 cm blade is in excellent condition, it is non maker marked, which fits beautifully into its scabbard and retains at least 90% of its original paint finish. There are some chips and abrasions, there is also a slight kink in the form of the scabbard about half way along its length but no visible indentations. Good plating remains to the upper and lower scabbard mounts. The throat of the scabbard has the inter-twined SS runic stamping within a square, which has a mirror image stamping on the underside of the beautifully nickel plated hilt. The wood grip is undented with no chips, complete with its original SS runic inset with its correct wire. On opening the upper button to the interior can clearly been seen the cap over the tang retaining nut, this has not been interfered with in any way and is a method of ascertaining whether a sword has been converted from a police officers sword, which do not have this tang retaining cap. A very good example of the rare SS officers sword.