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The Allach factory on the outskirts of Munich employed some of the very best artisans and designers in porcelain of the Third Reich. Many of the subjects produced were very Aryan in their nature and design, there was also a most magnificent collection of animals produced, the elephant being one of the rarest. This elephant measures 10 inches in height from the base of the feet to the top of the trunk and nearly 13 inches in length from the tip of the tusk to the tail. Clearly impressed into the underside of the body is the designer's name 'Professor Karner' with model number '104' followed by the intertwined SS runes with the gothic word 'Allach' below. Accompanying the elephant is a very rare photograph, postcard size, studio portrait, showing a member of the German Armed Forces an enlisted rank, wearing overseas cap and greatcoat on the pedestal to his right is an Allach elephant, it is not the identical pieces, as the form of the trunk is slightly different. It is known that various models of the elephant and of many of the other figures both military, civil and animal have different forms.