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An extremely good condition Maxim MG08 heavy machine gun, all fitted onto its correct sled mount. The gun, with its original paint to the barrel jacket is complete with its flash hider, all of its correct fittings, rear sights, wooden spade grips and the mounting block for the ZF12 optic sight. The gun is marked 'MG08' on the top cover. To the fuzee cover it is marked DWM 1917 and much original finish remains to the rear end of the gun overall. The gun is numbered '11559'. It is in fully operational de-activated order and comes complete with the U.K. de-activation certificate. The gun is mounted on its ultra rare sled mount. The sled mount is fully operational in all of its functions. The leather covered horse hide pads have split and rotted but all of the horse hair is still intact and some leather intact. Excellent paint finish overall. The two spares boxes are complete with their lids, however the top clamp to hold the gun in place and the locking bar on the traversing section are missing. The gun will display well without these two pieces.