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An absolutely magnificent and untouched battlefield worn example of the M.43 cap being of a good large size and having all features associated with the army combat issue cap, these include the strips beneath the fold downs for attachment of extra ear protection, the reinforcing below the front scallops, the triangular folded army insignia. The nap of the cloth is worn throughout, however beneath the turn backs it retains most of its nap, this very distinct silhouette is an absolute sign of originality. The liner is of typical mid to late war rayon material and is much grease stained and shows good hard combat use. There is discoloration to the wool on the underside of the peak and the level of wear speaks volumes about the obvious combat nature of the cap. To the side is the zinc oak leaf badge of the Geibsjager. At some time the badge has been slightly caught through the side curtain and there has been some rudimentary repair work carried out, however this is hidden by the overlaying badge and again behind the badge one can clearly see where the nap of the cloth has been protected by the zinc insignia. The stitch work to the entire cap is an excellent contrasting off white colour. A very nice combat worn specimen.